Annabel Dover: J4.A.38; 13

Constables at Wythenshawe
I live very near to Flatford Mill and the National Trust has planted and shaped the landscape to mimic the portrait in the Haywain.

Piccadilly Gardens
I went to Manchester to visit my sister when she lived there. She had a huge high ceilinged room and Happy Shopper basics salt. We walked through Piccadilly gardens and she cried which was very unusual for her. I saw that she was very depressed.

Many years later I went again with my now husband. He had a panic attack in Piccadilly Gardens and fled. One of the few Lowry paintings I like is of Piccadilly Gardens. It’s a semi birds eye view and I see the gardens like that as somewhere where you leave your body. A sort of mental health vortex.

I’m an artist and lecturer researching the Victorian photographer Anna Atkins and Victorian family albums.


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