Jackie Haynes: P G .22J. 5

I picked this slide originally for the excellent Project[ed] Voices Exhibition. It’s good to have the opportunity to show it in Adopt a Slide as I was one of the members of the public mysteriously dis-invited from participating in the exhibition. I had planned to re-purpose the lift up to the exhibition as a Levitating Lightbox by attaching an A3 acetate of the slide to the ceiling. As things transpired, the acetate was attached to the mirror in the private space of the nearby Public Convenience:

This slide was randomly selected from a tray of slides waiting to be re-filed. My challenge was to pick any slide and rapidly identify a connection to a current preoccupation. The connection was immediate: I was on my way to the Merz Barn in the Lake District for the annual Entartete Kunst memorial event. Kurt Schwitters and Heinrich Davringhausen were both exiled from Hitler’s Germany. http://www.merzbarn.net/readingnames.html

Jackie Haynes
Artist (MA Textiles 2014)


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