Hazel Jones: K7 . P. 6

Expect the unexpected.

The joy of a good rummage in an archive is that you come across the unexpected, which knocks you of course from your usual thinking and sticks in your head.
I found this slide months ago and it has been quietly calling me to go back to the VRC to ask John to photograph it for me.
The best thing was..even John seemed unaware of it and was surprised by this slide, despite the fact he seems to know so many of the slides and where they are.
This Carriage was used by Pope Pius IX, , and my cursory research on the internet seems to indicate that the carriage still exists in a museum in Rome.
I love how the carriage has a built in “balcony” for the Pope to wave at the crowds.
What other forgotten treasures are lurking in those plastic wallets….?
That would be a good project…adapt everyday items to suit a pope.

Hazel Jones M.A (RCA)
Senior Lecturer
Interactive Arts
Manchester School of Art


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