Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp: PG.9S.57

The Visual Resources Centre in The Grosvenor Building is like a still treasure trove where you feel a sense awe becoming aware of the amazing range of painstakingly picked and produced slides. it brought back good and important memories for me of sitting in art history lectures with interesting themed series of slides which helped bring the topics alive, because it is images we need in order to understand and be inspired.

I looked at Scandinavian art at my recent visit and found ‘my slide’ almost instantly: Laurits Anderson Ring: June – Girl Blowing Dandelion Seeds.
Ring (1854-1933) was one of the foremost Danish painters of the turn of the 20th century, pioneering symbolism and social realism in Denmark. I was attracted to a sense of ‘home culture’ looking at the image, which is even more attractive seeing the image on the screen. It feels familiar, like a place i might have been. This painter came from a rural background and never distanced himself from his origin, subject matter often being the reality of rural life. Many of his paintings depict crossings and doorways, at a window or a railway crossing. This appeals to me.

The image in this slide is brings the old wooden fence palpably close and I feel as if I can smell the grass and see the dandelion seeds float through the air. I found it very interesting to follow my instinct purely in picking an image, not knowing who the painter was, or anything about the scene. In the working project #theanglonordicarchive I have become increasingly more aware of symbols and imagery reminding me of ‘home’ and my cultural identity as a Nordic person living in the diaspora.

Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp
Mixed Media Artist


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