Ash van Dyck: OF4.9

I chose this particular slide for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that handwriting is becoming a lost art, a skill no longer practiced by many due to the presence of laptops, phones and other such digital convenience and this is taking away a vital hands on activity from the knowledge base of many people. This is also not a “modern” plastic slide but an older paper one. I personally really enjoy the uniqueness of the paper slides in the collection, they show all the different companies that used to make them with their own designs and are, to me, on par with the content in terms of visual appeal. They provide a frame for the images as well as another level of interest to look at. Sometimes I am more interested in these paper frames than the images contained therein, to be honest.

This one is a handwriting sample of King Charles the 1st, a man known for his missives and in particular ciphers with which he corresponded with his wife Henrietta, among others in times of trouble, perhaps with valid concern for his own safety. This one is a snippet of a note written to Newcastle (info in link) Newcastle

The connection to my family in that the official portraitist to this king was a painter relation of mine is also a reason I chose this. John and I were looking for a portrait of Anthony van Dyck and could not find one in the collection, it would seem they are among a number that have been stored for the time being so I found myself, as I usually do in the VRC, just sifting through the many boxes on top of the cabinets when I found this one by chance, well, I thought.. that worked out better than expected, we had a chuckle about it and thus my selection was made!

I haven’t really got anything profound or academic to say about this honestly but the manner of its discovery by me is exactly the reason we need this collection to be here, how are people going to have these fabulous moments of discovery and chance, serendipitous findings that may change the course of their work if they don’t have access to the collection?
They won’t and it will be a bland world indeed.

Ash van Dyck
1st Year Student, Interactive Arts
Manchester School of Art


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