Charlie Hitchen: IT-9G-009

Imagine if it was decided that every book in central library was being chucked away in the interest of “more space”?

Luckily you don’t have to worry about that because it will never happen.

The same rules should absolutely apply to the slide collection here at Manchester School of Art. It’s a tiny room packed with fascinating artefacts of our cultural history. It angers me massively to think that this was even considered! To wipe out the archive is to wipe out history itself. The argument is that everything can be found on the internet nowadays. It bloody can’t.

The slide I’ve picked proves this wonderful fact. The photograph (Photographer unknown) shows the interior and the Land Lady and Lord of The Lloyds Arms Pub which used to exist somewhere around where the RNCM stands now. Public houses are monumental pieces of our British cultural heritage and this one in particular is an important piece of Manchester history. Trust me when I say you cannot find this photo on the internet anywhere except this blog.

Please, please, please don’t let this fantastic, fascinating facility go to waste. For history’s sake, for Manchester’s sake, for the student’s sake, for f***s sake – Adopt a Slide.

Recent Graduate of Photography
Manchester School of Art


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