Hazel Jones: DCSC 9475A

You don’t have to spend long in the VRC to find a treasure, and the added bonus is the knowledge John Davis brings to your find. This wonderful slide of a ‘pocket sized radio pager’ intrigued me as I am very interested in the redundant object..
“Neither Use Nor Ornament” being the title of a Mail Art project I have just set up.
John found out the related article in the Design Council Magazine..which included these facts:-

The pager weighs just 60 grams
It emits four easily identified tone patterns.
The caller dials one of the wearer’s four telephone numbers.
The pager not only alerts the wearer he (it always refers to men) is wanted , but can also signal who wants him.
The pager is powered by two hearing aid batteries.
Using the British Telecom National Radiopaging System, a wearer can be paged anywhere in Britain.
The unit can be switched to memory if the wearer doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Of course the mobile phone has made this system seem very archaic , although talking to some of my fellow train travellers they remember their pagers with fondness….one even said it sometimes gave him chance to wake up before he made the phone call to his boss who was paging him…it bought him some time..(he works in IT).

Hazel Jones M.A (RCA)
Senior Lecturer
Interactive Arts
Manchester School of Art


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