Alex Woodall: UGN5-006

The Hole in the Road, Part 2

Somewhat remiss and belated, but here’s my second slide of three adopted.
All are scenes from Sheffield’s Hole in the Road.
Towards the end of June, I went for a walk around my most local reservoir, Damflask.
There’s a lovely tearoom halfway around in Low Bradfield, where I often stop for a little break.
A pile of old books and magazines lay on one of the tables, and since I was alone, I had a little browse.

I picked up a 1975 publication entitled ‘Discovering South Yorkshire’, sponsored by the now defunct South Yorkshire County Council.
I was delighted to flick through to discover the following:

“No visit to Sheffield would be complete without a tour of ‘The Hole in the Road’ – the main town-centre crossroads where an underground precinct allows access to many of the big stores and the market area from a partly covered concourse. If the weather turns really bad you can do all your shopping under cover making use of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport’s City Clipper service – a fixed fare, circular route, shoppers’ special bus service – to get you and your parcels back to the bus or railway station or car park. It is not surprising that Sheffield attracts shoppers from Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and the north Midlands. The City is such a popular shopping centre that there are special buses on Saturdays bringing customers from Stoke-on-Trent and the Potteries!”

Oh, how times have changed.

Alexandra Woodall
PhD Researcher
School of Museum Studies
University of Leicester


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