Emma Graney DS11-003

I was born with congenital cataract in my right eye. Everything I see out of that eye is blurred and foggy, a bit like when you put eye ointment in but permanently. My left eye is my good eye and even though I am now long sighted in it and it has to work twice as hard to see, to have one working eye is good enough for me.

I chose photography as my profession and I never struggled with seeing until about five years ago when my eyes became significantly worse.

I have worn glasses since I was four and then decided in my teenage wisdom I wouldn’t be wearing them any more. I was finally told off at age 25 by the ophthalmologist and told to wear my super strength glasses all the time and to and start and take care of my eyes as you only get the two you have.

I remember sitting in the eye clinic waiting room after having many tests and there was an older gentleman sat opposite me, smartly dressed in a green suit. He was reading the paper and then he got called in and asked to take out his eye!

I haven’t got a very strong stomach and anything blood or eyeball based makes me feel a bit queasy and sometimes I faint.

I however became fascinated with this notion of the smart old man in his green suit reading the paper having just the one eye like me but also it was superior as it was glass. I wanted to ask him how it felt, what had happened to his eye before the new eye?

I controlled my thoughts as I felt it would have been incredibly rude to ask him such things. I sat back in my chair and said to myself ‘Fancy that, a glass eye’

I really like this slide as it’s from a time when prostheses were in their early stages, I like the selection altogether in their velvet lined compartments. Whose where they? My interest in glass eyes hasn’t gone unnoticed and it’s not something that you can bring up in conversation on a visit to the shops but to have adopted this slide is very special and my one seeing eye likes it very much.

Emma Graney
Photographer, Letter writer and Collector of things.


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