Judy Barry: 13. Embroidered Fabrics

The final slide that I have chosen to adopt is also from the VRC’s extensive archive of images of students’ work. At some time this slide must have been re-mounted, with the incorrect date of 1992 written in at the top. In fact, I recognize it as being from 1995, when these embroidered fabrics formed part of Deborah Kemp’s final year collection exploring dyed and machine-stitched surfaces. The fabrics were further developed as details for male attire. Something wonderful happens when stitch becomes an integral part of the cloth, as here, and not something that merely sits upon it!

Taking part in this project has led me to reflect on the historic role of the slide collections as an academic and creative resource within the art school. In particular, I like to think of all the diverse members of staff who, during the life of the ‘Slide Library’, have over the years made their way to specific drawers and pockets of slides so relevant to their teaching and specialisms. Or how, by chance, a pocket of slides left out on one of the lightboxes might sometimes suddenly fire a connection between one art form and another, thus setting off some line of enquiry not considered before.

There is just SO much information held within those drawers!

Judy Barry

Embroidery Lecturer, 1966-2005



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