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The student body is asking the university to reconsider its decision. Please add your signature to the petition and help save the slide library. Some comments already received:

“Would you dispose of a collection of incunable books? I doubt it. Photographic slides are part of the incunabula of photography, we are still within the first couple of hundred years of the mediums birth. Fast forward 20, or even 10 years, and collections like this will be gold dust. It would be short sighted and plain wrong for the University to dispose of a significant cultural collection such as this.”
Gwen Riley Jones, Senior Photographer, Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care, The John Rylands Library, University of Manchester

“This will be a loss nationally and internationally, not just to the students”
Stephen Boyd Davis, Professor of Design Research, Royal College of Art

“Photo archives and other institutions dealing with photographs and slides have the responsibility to guarantee the conservation and future accessibility of (photographic) documents from the past for their possible future use for research purposes. Not only the current, but all future potential scientific and artistic uses of the photographic documents must be respected, so that future generations of scholars and artists are not faced with limitations that restrict or prevent their research and creative possibilities.

Analogue photo archives and slide collections are an integral part of our cultural heritage, as stated by the “Florence Declaration. Recommendations for the Preservation of Analogue Photo Archives””
Costanza Caraffa, Director of the Photo Library of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, Max-Planck-Institut

“Losing this resource is in a par with the BBC taping over classic programms which is now seen as a massively foolish move. This resource is priceless, not just for the students who study the art form but for us all as a cultural artifact.”
Carla Jones


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One thought on “Sign the petition

  1. I totally agree and find your adopt a slide idea a marvellous response. The University of Brighton has gotten rid of most of its 35mm slide collection some years ago now – it is a fearful thought that the digital age may make everything analogue redundant?


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